Here’s what some of my clients have to say…

Happy Clients“For a number of years I have enjoyed and benefited from Mel’s reflexology and massage. The deep level of relaxation achieved through Mel’s reflexology triggers all those self-healing mechanisms in our body that have helped me recover from chronic fatigue and other stress related aches & pains. Mel is a very attentive therapist who will listen and suggest different massage techniques depending on your needs. Thank you Mel for offering such a good, personal service and helping your clients’ achieve a greater sense of well-being.”


“Due to the work I do I suffer greatly with back, neck and stress problems, seeing Mel regularly keeps my stress levels significantly lowered and my back and neck under control to be able to keep working. Her holistic approach is fantastic with her massages tailor made to your own needs and problem areas. After a massage with Mel I always leave feeling calm, relaxed and with greater movement and a lot less pain than I arrived with. I’ve tried other massage therapists in the past, but Mel is by far the best I’ve found.”

Ian, Shedfield

“I found Mel after a search on the Internet and after trying for baby number 1 for a few months and getting a little stressed about the process, I didn’t know if reflexology would help/work but I was open minded and happy to try anything. Mel was very helpful and informative when I initially booked in for my first appointment and was so lovely from the beginning seeming to understand and “know” her clients immediately! I had regular treatments and also started having Indian head massages too and I fell pregnant within the first few months of treatment. I have no doubt that Mel and her treatment sessions helped me relax and helped us to conceive our little girl and I will be eternally grateful for all her help and support, the treatments were always calm and relaxing and I always felt so much better after them, I would 100% recommended Mel.”


“I started using Mel about 18 months ago after my GP suggested massage may help alleviate my headaches. Mel was able to fit me in within 2 days and as soon as I met Mel she immediately put me at ease. The room Mel operates from is very calm and relaxing and spotless, the lemongrass candle is just so inviting. After a few massage sessions we talked about reflexology, I was a bit sceptical at first as I didn’t really believe that your feet could reflect other areas of your body, I was under no illusion that it could not be used for diagnosis of a medical issue nor would it cure all. I have no idea why or how it works, but for me it helps with my overall well-being and totally amazes me when Mel detects a problem that I know I have been having. I love that Mel actually cares about her clients and their well-being. I was lucky enough to be used as a guinea pig after a course Mel had attended and had the most amazing deep tissue massage. I am very glad that I found Mel and just wish the hours I book with her didn’t pass so quickly!

Tracey, Waterlooville

“I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain for a number of years but since receiving massage treatment from Mel there has been a significant improvement.  I would strongly recommend Mel as I am delighted with the highly skilled and quality care which she has provided.

Mrs L, Waterlooville

“Love having reflexology with Mel as it really, really relaxes me but equally good is back, neck and shoulder massage.  I particularly enjoy this as am sitting upright, which I prefer to lying down.  These massages over the last year have helped to control my shoulder problem caused by sitting at a computer and driving more.  Always feel the benefit both on my shoulder and wellbeing!”

MW, Southsea

“I spend most of my time at work sat a desk driving a computer. After visiting a hotel for a spa day with my girlfriend I was advised to have a  massage regularly because my back and shoulder muscles were quite badly knotted. Since then I have been seeing Mel for a back, neck and shoulder massage and over the months my muscles have gotten a lot better and more relaxed. Mel is extremely professional, knowledgeable and approachable, I would recommend her to my friends.”

Paul, Purbrook

Happy Clients“Whether I’m having a relaxing Indian Head massage or a body-balancing Reflexology session, the treatment is enhanced by the peaceful atmosphere and Mel’s caring skill.  I always feel so relaxed and sleep better for a few days after a treatment session.  Looking forward to my next session.”


“Sitting at a desk all day, I find that my back gets very stiff and sore.  I visit Mel as she is totally professional and makes me feel at ease and relaxed. Her back massage really gets to the root of the problem and the benefit is felt the next day when all the stiffness is gone and my back feels very pliable. Mel has also given my hands a massage and I felt the benefit immediately and it really helped to alleviate the pain in them. Her treatment room is calming and her attitude is totally confidence giving, making visits to her for treatment a real pleasure.”


“Mel’s treatment room is always a haven for relaxation and well being. Whether it is reflexology or a massage, Mel’s treatments help to relieve the stresses and strains of modern life and re-invigorate for days to come.”

Mike, Waterlooville

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