A Face Lift without Surgery

This natural lift / rejuvenation massage for the face incorporates a unique blend of Indian, Japanese and Acupressure techniques. Skin is rejuvenated, contours lifted and smoothed and facial lines softened. This massage also includes work on the upper back, neck, shoulder and scalp muscles, making this a wonderfully relaxing massage.

Facial Massage


  • Relieves upper back and neck tension
  • Stimulates facial nerve endings making your face look and feel refreshed, energized and more relaxed
  • Relieves facial tension
  • Helps to relieve jaw and sinus tension
  • Can help to alleviate tension headaches and eye strain

£24 per treatment

  • Approx 25 minutes

Please contact Mel for bookings and further details. The ‘Mind & Body Massage’ Therapy Room is located in Horndean, Hampshire.

Gift Vouchers & Packages

If you know someone who deserves a special treat or is in need of pampering, why not treat them to a Mind & Body Massage gift voucher or package?
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